Cultivated Meat – Potential and probability of impact

19:30 – 21:00



Effective Altruism Graz invites to a discussion night on cultivated meat. This event is part 1 of our fall term intro fellowship. You do not have to commit to the whole fellowship to attend this event. You will be divided in groups of about four to discuss the topic under our guidance. As preparation, we encourage you to skim through 1-2 articles from the suggested reading list below or related literature of your own choice. We will provide light snacks and drinks and look forward to meeting you for insightful discussions.


Reading list:

The extreme cost-effectiveness of cell-based meat R&D:

Lab-grown meat is supposed to be inevitable. The science tells a different story:

Where’s the Beef? A First-Hand Assessment of Cultivated Meat Progress:

How researchers can join the race to develop new ways of making meat:

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